During my lifetime I have lived on three continents, grateful for the insight into different cultures this has given me, been a mother to two amazing individuals, step mum to three dynamic adults and am now settled into a very loving relationship. At the age of 53 I am changing my focus and building on a career that I love, allowing my passions and what comes naturally to unfold.

There have been times when I was lost, separated from those I love by continents, having to work through the death of my second partner, and being unemployed far from home.  Staying focused and being guided by the signs around me has enabled me to cope and left me grateful for every insight and deeper understanding of life I have gained through my experience.

I bow to and honor my ancestors, particularly the women, warriors with a smile and with open hearts, especially to you Lea, the root of my desire, my great, great grandmother, a medium in Wales.